Tired of searching online for a simple and direct answer - and coming up empty??

I feel your pain. And that's exactly why I created VIDEO TO-GO 

  • to help save you time
  • to help save your energy
  • to eliminate your frustration
  • to get your specific question answered quickly and conveniently


 How It Works:

  •  you submit your particular question/issue.
  •  I will make a video for you addressing it.

Remember - this is personalized and in depth. Customized for you. Not general "surface" information about the subject - but very specific action steps to lead you personally through your very direct issue.

Here's an example: This was his question - "I saw my friend playing chords I've never seen before, and when I asked him what he was playing, he said - 'it's just a C chord, dude!'. It sure didn't look like any C chord I've used! He was way up high on the neck just using like 3 or 4 notes near the 12th fret. Can you show me how to move a chord like that? Maybe the C chord? I just wanna feel more confident the next time we jam together!"

- Doug W. - Wisconsin

Here's part of the video I made for Doug to answer his question...

You'll Also Receieve:

  •  direct email support
  •  one 5 minute Skype follow-up session

make your submission today.

Price: $1.99 


[IMPORTANT] after you've placed your order, you will be directed to my contact page where you'll need to:

1. fill in your name and email information

2. submit your "VIDEO-TO-GO" question(s)

3. I will contact you personally with the details of your video after receiving the above information