To move others, you first need to move yourself.

(this will become your mantra)

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To truly move others in a sincere and meaningful way there are some key principles you must abide by.

stop straining to control others opinions 

never try to control or persuade - this causes you to appear fake

stop trying - when you don't try, they see you as real

 congruence - every aspect of your being has to "line-up"

The Authentic Musician™ is a study in how to be more open, genuine, and authentic. 

It's an approach to self-discovery that leads you to a deeper connection with your authentic self - and how that connection translates with purity to your audience. 

The simple truth is that deep down, we all have a desire to connect in an honest and sincere way, and is crucial that musicians be able to cultivate this personal authenticity. 

The Authentic Musician™ is about allowing the listener a very real, very truthful glimpse inside your world. 

Learning to come from a place of personal authenticity in your musicianship takes a deep understanding of yourself and your behaviors - then learning to apply and ultimately live and breathe from a position of authenticity and honesty in your art.

Honesty can't be faked.

I have a saying: "you're either a spotlight or a window"

The Spotlight shines out hard and bright pushing the listener back into their seat. The Window invites the listener in, pulling them toward the edge of their seat...