"It really surprised me that I could connect so much more with my music. Jake would come prepared to the sessions and I had his undivided attention. It wasn't ever the same type of session either. It is really hard to explain, but he would have advice specific to me and/or things he looked up or saw or heard that made him think of me. I seriously took notes during all of the sessions and MORE than notes about how to play guitar better, but notes about letting go of my fears and all that held me back from creating something amazing within my music."

- Heather Chapman - Client | Recording Artist



"I've been around the music business for a while now and I have never seen a teacher be able to pull out the talent that is inside of a student like Jake does.  It's inspiring.  He truly listens to them and what they want to accomplish and structures his lessons around that.  Best teacher in town...hands down!"

- Darren Cooper - Musician|Writer|Creative -Indianapolis, IN


 "I was a little concerned that I might not be taken seriously in my desire to learn guitar in older age and that Jake might not want to waste his time with a slow learner that has many life obligations to severely limit practice time. I found that notion NOT to be the case and that Jake embraced the challenge to find innovative and fun ways for me to learn and grow my craft. He turned out to be very patient and cared very much to find out about me as a person to find the best methods and content to inflame my passion to learn guitar. I tell everyone that I have the best mentor, coach and friend that I have ever found, collaborating with from me to fulfill my desire to learn guitar and make life even better! I say that 'Jake Hahn is the best therapist I have ever found! I get Jake's Music Therapy and that is worth the world to me. He really cares about the person and wants to show them how to use music to express themselves. He has a very positive outlook on life that is extremely contagious and it makes me feel fantastic to dissolve all the pressures of the world by getting to work with Jake on how to make meaningful music to share."

- Jeff Hauser - Client | Business Professional - Powell, Wyo


 "Jake got me started playing the guitar, singing, and writing songs. Most importantly he showed me the value in creating art, the process of growth, and self-expression. After a few years of playing music and songwriting, I can easily look back and see the worth in our lessons. I would definitely recommend him to anyone, at any level, that's interested in learning to become better at guitar, singing, and/or writing songs."

- Nick Newman - Client|Musician|College Student - Bloomington, IN


 "If you are looking for a good instructor/coach who has a lot of knowledge (and not just about music), then this is where you go. Great communication, good instruction, good rapport with students. This placement has been the best fit for [my son] Ty. Jake has a great attitude in regard to "customer service". We can tell that he genuinely cares about helping his clients achieve their goals - and get better along the way."

- Taryn Mason - Parent|Business Professional - Brownsburg, IN

 "If I was to recommend Jake (which I have done) I would say that he is a great teacher who is attuned to his students and their learning styles and abilities.  He is patient and very adaptable and a great encourager and a genuinely nice person. I am pleased that he is always a reliable and patient teacher who adapts his methods according to the students learning styles and abilities."

- Pam Martin - Parent|Teacher - Avon, IN

 "Jake is so cool and professional!  He's amazing with our son who is usually so critical of himself.  I have never seen so much joy and fascination in his eyes than when he's working with Jake."

- Nicole O'meara - Parent - Avon, IN

 "I was surprised at how much fun I could have doing this. Jake's down-to-earth style allows me to learn at my own pace."

- Michael Fecher - Client|Business Professional - Avon, IN

 "Over the years, I've always been happy with the various instructors that my son has had, but Jake has been the only one that has greatly exceeded my expectations. He is gifted at what he does and has a real knack for working with his students and making the most out of his time with them. I sincerely hope that my son will be able to remain with Jake for however long he chooses to continue with this. In my son's own words the last time I referred to Jake as Drew's instructor.............'he's not my instructor, he's my writing partner'."

- Tammy Lasley - Parent|Business Professional - North Salem, IN


 "Jake Hahn is the best songwriting coach in Indy, bar none. And, now that he has taken his business online, he will be the best songwriting coach, period. I started working with Jake in July, and I use the word "working" as opposed to "student" because with Jake, you are treated as an equal. From the moment I walked into Jake's studio, he treated me like one of his own and I can truly say that he has become one of my dear friends and one of the few people that I talk to daily.

Jake set up my schedule, helped me to organize a list of goals, pushed me to get to where I wanted to be (and continues to push me to where I want to go).  

If you are looking to get into songwriting, want to better yourself in voice, or are looking to play guitar, Jake Hahn: Music Coaching & Self-Development is the only choice. Trust me, the man will get you to a platform far above where you think you can be. He will go the extra mile to help you out, and in today's world there aren't many people who will even give you the time of day.

- Johnny Zup - Client | Songwriter | Recording Artist


I never thought, this late in life, I would find the courage to uncover the creative person hidden deep underneath the person of everyday life, then I met Jake. Jake is so much more than just a coach...he's a friend. He truly cares about every individual he works with.

It is truly amazing how much I've learned about music and myself in the last year. Jake has helped me realize so many things I thought weren't possible for me. For some people it's a deeply emotional process.

To have someone who totally understands, who listens intently to all your doubts and fears and helps you through them, someone who tells you they have faith in you, THAT is an amazing coach, instructor, teacher and friend. I couldn't ask for a better person to share my musical journey with. Jake is, by far, the best coach I have ever had.

- Kim Lewis