Drop That Method Book!!

Friday, April 10, 2015 by Jake Hahn | Blog

I remember - it was about 17 years ago that one of my guitar teachers said to me..."It's about results, not methods, right?"

He knew the answer, but was wise enough to phrase it as a question so that I would contemplate the deeper meaning of his point.

Which I did... for years to come.

So now I'll ask YOU as he asked me...What is more important to you... Results OR Methods?

I'd venture to say that results wins this one.



Because HOW you learn isn't as important as the bottom line - YOU LEARNED.

So WHERE you learn or WHO you learn from doesn't matter so much as long as it makes sense and is practical and usable for YOU as an individual.

Art is non-linear.

Learning itself is non-linear.

While method books on the other hand?....LINEAR!

Developing skill on an instrument and acquiring the knowledge to understand new ways in which you can use it isn't always a step-by-step process.

For example: When writing a song, you can start in SO MANY different ways! The best approach is to understand the craft as a whole - from many perspectives - and use what works for YOU!


Methods can be very useful to GET YOU STARTED - but shouldn't shape who you are.

Learning a new skill is less like climbing a ladder & more like sliding around a spiral

Don't become the product of any method or tradition unless that is your goal from the start.

Be flexible - stay flexible.

"use no way as way

- Bruce Lee

Be in the moment. Be present. Be open to the best way to meet the situation in which you find yourself.

Having no limitation as limitation

- Bruce Lee

Keep an open mind. Don't limit yourself or your thinking. Don't let your beliefs or your style limit your experience.

Most importantly - don't let someone else's method dictate who you are, or who you'll become as an artist.

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all the best!

- Jake