"Everybody Wants A Quick Fix" - Bull#@!%

Tuesday, April 7, 2015 by Jake Hahn | Blog

"Everybody wants a quick fix."

I see that phrase being thrown around by so called "experts" ALL OF THE TIME!

What do I think?

I think it's very popular these days to write people off.

That's what I think.

It's an assumption that you're just lazy and you want the "magic bullet formula".

Here's a scenario for ya:

You finally decide that it's time to find a teacher and learn to play your guitar! It's been in that case for far too long!! You envision what most of us dream about...

You wanna be able to -

• jam with some friends

• impress some people at a party

• express that love song you wrote

• take the stage at an open mic night

• bask in the applause of a room full of adoring fans

• entertain your friends around a nice warm campfire in the fall

• etc...

That's where your mind is! That's where your heart is!

So you sign up for lessons with some random guy in the back of a music store in town, because the young guy behind the sales counter saw that X teacher had an opening that just so happened to fit your schedule.

Nothing more.

The future of your musicianship put in the hands of convenient scheduling.

(BTW - if you haven't seen "learn guitar with David Brent" you're missing out. Hilarious :)


So you attend your very first lesson.

Nervous. Anxious. Unsure. Intimidated. Overwhelmed.

Teacher X proceeds to run you through his "lesson 1 protocol". At the end of this lesson he states that you'll need to have this mastered by next weeks lesson so that you can move forward.

This is highly typical.

So you go about your week.

Since you've dedicated part of yourself to this new musical endeavor - you set aside some quality practice time.

It's tough.

You get frustrated at times.

This too is HIGHLY typical, and is to be expected.

The week passes and once again it's your lesson day!

So on and so forth...

Weeks go by in this fashion and you start to get concerned that you're not progressing the way you "should be".

So you ask - "shouldn't I be further along at this point?"

Teacher X responds with - "maybe if you practiced more...yes. This takes time. There's no 'quick fix' here."

aaaaaannnd  CUT! End scene!

Okay. Let's turn the tables here.

We also have to consider the aspect of laziness on the part of the teacher or coach to put ALL of the responsibility on YOU due to THEIR shortcomings in helping you to achieve what you want!!

Meaning they don't REALLY know how to help YOU as an individual. They're most likely just set in their ways, and are currently only capable of delivering the information to you in a limited way.

And if you don't fit their mold...too bad...you MUST be lazy or incompetent or both.

Granted...there are some lazy folks out their who simply fail to put forth adequate effort, and want to place blame on others for their lack of achievement. I've seen it. I've even done it! And having done it in the past - and grown out of it - is EXACTLY how I am now able to spot it in others!

So what would I replace these seeming accusations of laziness, incompetence, and the "quick fix" mentality with?!


You simply want to know that you're ON THE RIGHT TRACK!

• You want to see progress

• You want to experience results

• You want to be confident that you're not wasting your time!

Time is precious!

I don't suggest wasting it.

Let's say you ARE putting forth a REAL and genuine effort during your practice sessions; and you're truly being consistent and allowing yourself some grace, patience, and sufficient time for results to actually happen.

If all of the above are true for you and you're STILL not seeing the results you'd like. The results that this level of dedication SHOULD bring!

Then you are NOT lazy!

You are NOT looking for a "quick fix".

You probably just need someone to Teach you, Coach you, and Mentor you in a way that actually WORKS FOR YOU!