STOP Practicing! Practice Makes BORING!

Monday, April 6, 2015 by Jake Hahn | Blog

Ya gotta keep your mind excited!!


(?this little guy agrees?)

The better you are at doing this - the easier you adopt new things.

An active brain is a sponge!

When you're bored with a subject

• you lack enthusiasm

• you lack motivation

• you feel disempowered

• you get lazy

Most of the time when you approach the typical practice session it can tend to feel like work. This is the polar opposite of why you want to play an instrument to begin with; so it makes sense that it may not be so much fun.

You make associations with EVERYTHING you experience.

The human brain is an integrating machine! If somewhere along the way you've linked practice with work then most likely the very thought of "practice" becomes a daunting task.

It becomes WORK!!

So - what can you do?!


Start replacing the idea of practicing with EXPLORING!

Think about it!

Here's a scenario for ya...

"I MUST go into this dark, musty, dirty, scary cave and navigate my way through just to get to the other side of this mountain...(ugh...I guess I'd better get in there). I have NO other choice here..."


"Hey! I'm goin' caving!! Maybe I'll find that warm natural pool I've heard so much about and go for a quick swim! I'd better grab my swimsuit!"

The choice is YOURS.

YOUR mind.

YOUR perception

My suggestion...?