3 Lyric Writing Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Thursday, April 2, 2015 by Jake Hahn | Blog

We all want to write good songs. And one way to do that is by avoiding some things.

Here are 3 lyric writing mistakes and how YOU can fix them!

Mistake #1: Using too much "feeling language" - especially in your verses.

The Fix: Set up a scenario that your listeners can interpret with their senses by using "sense-bound" language. Sight-Smell-Sound-Taste-Touch-Movement. Put them in the very room where your story happened. Don't just tell them how you feel. Give them images. Things to picture. Trigger THEIR sense. Trigger THEIR memories. SHOW them.

Mistake#2: Using cliche and highly predictable rhymes.

The Fix: Rhymes have the power to close/stop a lyric. You can also use rhyme to speed a lyric up - or you can slow it down by NOT rhyming. Use rhyming as a way of closing a section in your song. There are plenty of typical rhyme schemes you can follow, but you want to make sure - first and foremost - that your lyric comes across as genuine. Don't let rhyming distract the listener from your content.

Mistake #3: Moving your timeline around

The Fix: Choose where your story starts, and where your story ends...then write it that way. Listeners like a well developed linear path to follow. If you make it too complicated you'll lose them. There are already so many things to listen for in your song - so don't confuse them by jumping around in time in your story.