The Voice Killer

Thursday, February 12, 2015 by Jake Hahn | Uncategorized


Most vocal difficulties come from strain and constriction.

If this is happening - then typical vocal "exercises" will only help to reenforce this strain and constriction - making it a habit, and locking it into your muscle memory.

Learning to disengage these muscles is absolutely CRUCIAL for ALL vocalists!

Singing must always feel comfortable.

• no itching

• no coughing

• no pain

• no strain

• no tightness

• if it doesn't feel good, that is a sign from your body that something is wrong

• even the best voice teachers in the world cannot live inside your body. They can listen, but they cannot feel what's going on inside. You must feel that for yourself.

SOUND will not strain or hurt your voice - CONSTRICTION will.