Show Yourself To Yourself!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 by Jake Hahn | self development

Performance & Self-Expression:

Ever see the show COPS? Ever notice how scared and nervous the “criminals” get when they’re hiding something from the police?

How they fumble all over themselves trying to find the right way to act and the right things to say in an attempt to convince the police that they’re telling the truth and have nothing to hide?

But, the police always see through the lie. We, as viewers see right through them as well.


Because the truth can’t be faked. It either is or it isn’t.

As performers, we go through something very similar. There’s something we’re trying to hide from the audience, and even though it most likely isn’t a bag of heroine and a needle in our front pocket...it can sorta feel as such. ?

It’s the shit inside of us. It’s all the stuff we’re insecure about. It’s the way we negatively perceive ourselves casted out onto the audience as their perceptions.

It’s all the things we don’t want to be, but are so afraid that we are.

The details may be unique to each of us, but it’s all the same issue underneath.

Performance anxieties appear when when we feel vulnerable. We feel vulnerable and anxious when we think someone can see all of our hidden flaws.

We sorta become like the criminal who can’t express themselves truthfully because they’re hiding something that they don’t want the police to see. 

A way out:

The goal is to embrace the shit we hide from the world. Become close friends with it. Walk with it out in the open every single day.

No, this doesn’t mean we have to tell everyone in the world our deepest darkest secrets all the time in every situation! It means that we no longer hide ourselves from ourselves.

Take what you believe to be the “ugliest” parts of yourself and strive to make a deep connection with them. When we embrace what we see as our deepest flaws, we have nothing more to hide. When we have nothing more to hide, we have nothing left to fear, because we’ve already made peace with everything we dislike about ourselves. 

At that point - what can anyone say or do to you that you haven’t already acknowledged and made peace with inside yourself..?

“The truth is a lion, set it free, it will defend itself”

- jake