How To Make Your Playing Effortless

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 by Jake Hahn | self development

If you've ever studied with me - you know how I integrate psychology and neuro-scientific concepts into learning and training. I like to give answers to questions that are real, and tangible.


What is the real reason for practice?

The purpose of practice is to create a path in the brain (neuro-pathway). Just like a path worn into the ground where we walk.

The more that path is taken - the easier it is to walk on.

The more you practice a particular thing - the easier it becomes for you to play.

When this happens, it becomes subconscious. The action becomes a behavior that you no longer need to focus your conscious attention upon.

When you "bury" any action into the subconscious mind, it frees up some space in the conscious mind to begin placing your attention on new ideas and techniques.

When this cycle is repeated enough over time - you end accumulating deep seeded subconscious skills.

That's when you'll hear people say things like "you make that look so easy...".

At that point it IS easy for you. It's become a behavior. A habit.

You've done this (most-likely) unknowingly your entire life. For example: you don't have to consciously think about how to brush your teeth anymore - it's ingrained.

Make this concept part of your awareness, and you'll start to see how new musical (and life) skills are accumulated over time.

Make new skills a part of your behavior, and allow your playing to come from a truly emotional place rather than only a technical one.

- jake