[NEW PODCAST] Dissecting The Art of Songwriting

Friday, May 15, 2015 by Jake Hahn | Blog

Here's the story...

About a month ago I was asked to co-host a brand new podcast. I replied with a very enthusiastic "ABSOLUTELY!" I'll tell ya flat out...I'm a podcast kinda guy. I listen to 'em in the shower, on the road, in the gym (during cardio ONLY - I have my limits).

Needless to say - I do love to learn.

One of my main reasons for learning is that I truly love to pass my knowledge along to you.

That's why I LOVE teaching, coaching, and mentoring so much.

I get to engage with YOU! I get to form a meaningful connection and build a life experience!


So when Darren Cooper invited me to co-host, you can see why I jumped at the opportunity.

Connecting with YOU on another level?! Sign me up!

So this is the first ever "Create Your Art" Podcast...

And the very first interviewee??

This dude!

(aka me - aka dude posing like George Michael)

I was asked to talk about a subject so near-and-dear to my heart...


In the podcast you'll hear me talk a bit about some of my own personal creative roadblocks, and how I navigate my way through them (or around them) in order to create my art. My music.

I give you some tips on how to overcome your own roadblocks, as well as a cool little challenge for you to join in!

There are so many cool things planned for you in the very near future. I couldn't be more excited to play a part in your life. To help you see that you are an artist right now...in this very moment. And to help you through any creative blocks or issues that you may be experiencing.

Know this.


You have support here. It is CRUCIAL that YOU Create Your Art!

The world needs it...

The world needs YOU.

So...please enjoy the - Create Your Art [Podcast] CLICK HERE!!

And most importantly - #CreateYourArt

-Your Friend and Coach -Jake Hahn