Wednesday, June 25, 2014 by Jake Hahn | Blog

Share yourself today.

Share freely of your truest self to a world that is in true need of connection. Whether it's a song you've written, a poem you've penned, a genuine smile to a stranger, or a sincere and present embrace of a loved one.

Artistry is much, MUCH more than the craft we acquire on/with any given instrument.

Artistry is our deepest character.

Artistry stems from our core.

Artistry is our genuineness.

Artistry is our compassion.

Artistry is our truth.

Artistry is our "flaws".

Artistry is our reflection of the world as WE see it through the filter of our very own, very unique life experiences. THIS is what we share! By sharing this, we connect, we motivate (ourselves as well as others).

This ACT(ion) allows us to learn and cultivate what is meaningful within ourselves; and summons our desire to contribute something worthy.

To rise up - to bloom.

Don't "take it easy" today.

Be present

Be alive