I participate in helping others create new realities.

- I began playing guitar when I was 8 years old.

[I guess time does fly when you're havin' fun]

I've spent the passed 18+ of those years writing, recording, performing, and producing. 

Along with educating, and mentoring people like yourself (just over 1,120 clients to date).

...I've loved nearly every minute of it. 

I've recorded my own music, and have worked on the music of many other artists. 

I've coached (artist development) in one-on-one settings - as well as live in recording studios.

My sincere hope is that I have the privilege of working along side you on your musical journey.

Sincerely - your friend & coach,

                                               - Jake 

I'd love to chat with you about your ideas, and help give you insight that you may have never considered before as to how to move forward in your personal musicianship and/or career. If you'd like to get the conversation started just click HERE