In my almost 20 years of coaching experience, there’s one thing I’ve learned for sure...

You don’t have to be a musical prodigy or learn every trick in the book to be able to simply sit down and enjoy playing music.

You don’t have to spend countless hours on reading music, memorizing five dozen scale patterns, or spend 3 hours a day on finger exercises.

Simply put...

To be able to play a guitar (and even sing if you’d like) you don’t need to practice as if you’re trying to become some musical genius.

You just have to focus on the exact right tools, and ONLY the tools that will benefit you!

Minus the “fluff”!

“The Adult Hobbyist” is your alternative to typical, traditional lessons.

With this approach, we only focus on what you need in order to play what you want to play.

That’s it.

Only the practical tools: 
• practical applications
• easily accessible chords & scales
• song structures
• playing through a song
• basic theory
• learning to play your favorite songs
• “campfire” guitar
• the “basics” of singing
• rhythm guitar
• lead guitar
• navigating the fretboard
• HOW to practice for the fastest
• overcoming “stage-fright”
• writing with others
• acoustic guitar vs electric guitar
• the psychology of self-expression

  [“performance psychology” - yep,
    just like pro-athletes use.

as well as -

The “How To’s” of: 
 playing/jamming with other
• writing your own songs
• learning songs on your own
• turning ideas into music
• writing lyrics
• communicating with other
• performance prep (if you choose to
  play for others)
• putting lyrics to music
• soloing

These are all the tools that you will need. With these tools under your belt, you will enjoy playing music in the way that YOU envision and desire playing it.

Practical. Applicable. 

A “no fluff” approach to guitar, vocals, playing songs, and songwriting.

Listen, music is a personal journey, and we all have our own reasons for enjoying it.

No matter the style(s) you prefer and are attracted to - you will benefit from  “The Adult Hobbyist” approach. It will enable you to meet your own specific desires - to make music in the way that you choose to make it.

This is a one-on-one personally guided approach.

We start with your specific wants, desires, and goals for music.

Some examples would be: 

• you’ve always wanted to be able to sit back on   your couch and jam through a few tunes.
• to join your buddies in playing some songs on the weekend.
• join a local jam session.
• play for your family and friends at a party
• take your guitar on a camping trip
• write the songs that have been stuck in your head for years!

This is a highly specialized approach to learning. It’s practical and usable. I’ve cut out all the stuff you won’t need, and focused only on the tools that will allow you to meet your personal goals quickly and efficiently.

If you’re ready to get started with fun, enjoyable, low-pressure sessions that move at your pace and have proven results - just click the link below and let’s get our conversation started!

I’m excited to meet you and help you get the results you want in the most efficient, simple, and effective way possible.

your friend & coach,

- jake

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